These teachings and lectures on DVD are from the ancient of history of peoples, places, nations, time of events, and prove beyond any doubt, that the White Western European people of the world today are the true Jacob-Israel Sons and Daughters of YAHWEH, GOD. You will not find nor be taught the information you are about to learn in any university, college, or seminary, not only in the United States, but nowhere else in the world.

If you have been looking and searching for answers to questions that no one else could offer you on the truth of ancient history, alien species on the earth before the the time of Adams Pure Race, and the ancient creators of the present political and religious anti-God system of control, which is enforced today upon the masses of the world who are in total confusion, debt, and slavery, then you have come to the right place.

Individual DVD orders are accepted, and classes are also available Via correspondence, and when concluded, certificate of accomplishment will be given in this educational field of learning by James. P. Wickstrom, D. Litt.

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November - 5 DVD Special for $25.00

Children of Light vs children of darkness (2 DVD set)

Echo's From the Past

Then Was Adam of Genesis 2:7

Abram to Moses

The above and below DVD studies cover new subject prior matter to Adam and Eve and other information you were never allowed to know or understand. Never be afraid to allow yourself the opportunity to the truth when it is offered and available to you.

November - 5 DVD Special for $25.00

For Fear of the Jews

Black Chamber Spying by U.S. Gov't Against Citizens


AIDS - The Pestilence

Who Has Destroyed America?

** I will supply 24 copies of any of the separate DVD lectures above, or any mixture totaling 24 copies.... all will be labeled, sleeved, and sent by 'Media Mail' to you for $60.00, Bwith exception of the two DVD set, 'Children of Light vs children of darkness'... I will supply 12 sets (24 DVD'S) for $60.00.

The above two DVD 'Special' lecture/presentations for November, listed under blue headings are $25.00 each by Dr. James P. Wickstrom. Price includes 1st Class Mail. U.S. Postal Money Orders, Checks, Cash, or Silver of equal value accepted in payment.