These teachings and lectures on DVD are from the ancient of history of peoples, places, nations, time of events, and prove beyond any doubt, that the White Western European people of the world today are the true Jacob-Israel Sons and Daughters of YAHWEH, GOD. You will not find nor be taught the information you are about to learn in any university, college, or seminary, not only in the United States, but nowhere else in the world.

If you have been looking and searching for answers to questions that no one else could offer you on the truth of ancient history, alien species on the earth before the the time of Adams Pure Race, and the ancient creators of the present political and religious anti-God system of control, which is enforced today upon the masses of the world who are in total confusion, debt, and slavery, then you have come to the right place.

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Additional lectures available

Additional teaching/lectures are available by. Dr. James Wickstrom and more will be added to this list in the near future.

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  • A Peek at the End
  • A Time To…..
  • A Way Of Life
  • America Betrayed (Proving Pentagon Was Hit By A Missile)
  • America Is Greatly Wounded
  • America – Going, Going, Gone ( America We Once Knew)
  • America ’s Plight Today
  • Ancient Hebrews In America’s Southwest
  • Ancient North American History
  • Baptism – Is It Required By YHVH
  • Beginning Of Wisdom
  • Being Withheld From You
  • Correct Time Equals Truth
  • Crept In Unawares
  • Dancing With Devils
  • David The Boy, To David The King
  • DNA Says Jews Are Not Of Shem (Not “Gods” Chosen )
  • Don’t Be Caught Sleeping
  • Duty, Honor, Sacrifice
  • Dwight Eisenhower The Black Jew
  • Echo’s From The Past
  • Eternal Life Explained
  • Exposing Obama With The Commies
  • Exposing The Catholic Church
  • Exposing The Catholic Church
  • Fire From YAHWEH
  • Fulfilling The Truth
  • In The Making For You
  • Information You Are Not To Know
  • Is Christmas Pagan?
  • Is Christmas Pagan? (Is it? Find Out)
  • JEHU – YAHWEH is He
  • Jewry, The Race Of Insanity (Title speaks for itself)
  • Jutes, Jews, Mandela, Mugabe, Obama, ACORN, Communists, & Whitey
  • Kennewick Man
  • King Cyrus, YAHWEH’S Servant
  • King Of Heaven-King Of Earth
  • Language: Source Of Evidence
  • Learn The Truth And Awaken
  • Like A Flood
  • Lion Of Judah
  • Lions Running Rampant
  • More Of America ’s Plights
  • Most Interesting
  • Nahum to Today
  • Not Goodbye, But Hello
  • Obligate Your Obligations (To YAHWEH)
  • Only 1 Savior
  • Paleo-Caucasoid & The 2nd Wave
  • Paleo-Cunieform, The Ancients To Now (2 DVD set $20.)
  • Parable Of Pearl Of Great Price
  • Passover or Easter? (Title speaks for itself)
  • Peter’s Vision
  • Please YAHWEH First
  • Polar Day - Time Of YAHWEH
  • Promise Of YAHWEH To Adam
  • Psalm 149 To YAHWEH’S People
  • Real Money = Equal Weights & Measures
  • Reason For Jacob/Israel
  • Revealing The Illusions (2 DVD set - $20.00)
  • Reviewing Of Facts
  • Satan, Spirit or Flesh?
  • Sent To Warn You
  • Sodomites, Yesterday and Today
  • Spirit Adam vs. Non-Spirit Adam
  • Spiritual Adam vs. Non-spirit adam
  • Sumer to Now (2 DVD set) [Very powerful]
  • The Already Silent War (In the U.S. )
  • The Apostate Church Of Man
  • The Beginning Of All Wisdom
  • The Black & Jew Communist Movement in the U.S.
  • The Chariots Of YAHWEH
  • The Coming Starvation
  • The Dashkin Paleo-Stone
  • The Dropa Race Of China
  • The Enemy Among Us
  • The Here And Now
  • The Missing Years and Why
  • The Mystery Of Genesis 3:15 (Forbidden Topic To Know)
  • The Obelisks Of Joseph’s Sons ( U.K. & U.S. )
  • The Original Star Wars (2 DVD set - $20.00)
  • The Right To Bear Arms
  • The Selling Off Of America
  • The Seven Candlesticks (1987)
  • The Ten Virgins
  • The Three Feasts
  • The United States Is Sinking
  • The White Mummies Of Tarim Basin , China
  • The World Turned Upside Down
  • Truth, Deception, & YAHWEH’S Coming
  • Uncovering Those Covered
  • Unseen Authority
  • USURY, Death to America
  • War In The Heavens Against YAHWEH
  • What Does YAHWEH Say? (4 DVD set - $40.00)
  • What Is Lawful Money
  • Where Do You Fit In?
  • Where Is The Outrage?
  • White Cloud People of Peru
  • White Native Americans
  • Who Is Worthy
  • Wickstrom On Phil Donahue ( Chicago 1984)
  • Woe Unto You Pastors
  • Written In Silver (Confirming His Name)
  • YAHWEH God Hates Liars
  • YAHWEH Is His Name
  • YAHWEH Is The Rock
  • YAHWEH’S Hail
  • YAHWEH’S Perfection
  • YAHWEH’S Prodigal Children
  • Your Warning of The Times